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    Jonah Lion
    Peace Love Unity

    Welcome Home

    The Peace Love Unity Foundation is an information platform with cumulative resources that offers the people freedom to choose a more harmonious and empowered way of life, with greater knowledge of self and the ability to love at a greater…

  • Meditation

    A Life-Changing Meditation on Grace

    I invite you to settle in, take a deep breath, and allow the wisdom spoken in this video to resonate with your own understanding. May this video bring you peace and a deeper connection to the grace that supports and…

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    Music,  Self Realization

    Lifeguard- Nahko

    Check out the new single from musical shaman Nahko and his band Medicine for the people, Lifeguard. He wrote the song after nearly drowning but the lyrics go beyond the experience of drowning in the surf and explore spiritual awakenings…

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    Ascension,  Self Realization

    You Are The Sacred Temple

    Throughout the ages many saints, sages, yogis and mystics have been expressing the notion that the divine is living as the human body. “Know Thyself” was written at the entrance of the every learning center in the Mystery Schools of…

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    What The Health

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates This is by far one of the most informative health documentary that I have ever seen. I was very Impressed with all the great interviews and data presented. I…

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    Mooji – Guided Meditation

    Remain as space. Mooji is enlightened. He is a beautiful soul. Just like you. This guided meditation is wonderful for anyone. At one level, it speaks to a stressed out seeker all caught up in the material world of judgement…

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    Simrit – Pavan Guru

    Enjoy the transcendent melodies of this goddess from the foothills of Northern California. Side note: this video was shot on the Yuba River up in Nevada County. These waters are spectacular.

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    Consciousness Under Attack

    5G is coming. In case you are not aware of the harmful implications, this documentary sums it up concisely, if not a bit hyperbolically. In a word: it looks bad. We at Peace Love Unity do not subscribe to fear…

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    The Marshes Need Protection

    Musician/Activists Rising Appalachia bring needed attention to the “Filthy Dirty South” in this lyrical prayer for salvation. This song is from 2013, but sadly it is only more relevant today. Rising Appalachia is presently on tour. Catch them if you…

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