Peace, Love & Unity Emissaries of Love

We reach out to artists, actors, athletes, celebrities and others of influence to:

  1. announce upcoming peace, love & unity campaigns to each respective community directly.
  2. create awareness through video public service announcements and other public relations methods such as press releases, interviews, etc.
  3. Proactively leverage their reach to mainstream media and industry peers to insert messages of Peace, Love & Unity in their public routines.
  4. Actively endorse the Peace, Love & Unity brand with regards to sponsorships, donations, or investment opportunities for the organization.
  5. Utilize social, network and professional influence to help empower the people, standing in Peace, Love & Unity and raising awareness to unity consciousness (oneness).
  6. The intended goal is to  awaken a sense of social purpose within those in our society that currently have the attention of the masses.