— Kasandra “Sunyata” Renee

“Sunyata Ukiah”

White Cosmic Worldbridger

Libra cusp Scorpio Sun, Aquarius cusp Pisces Moon, Taurus Ascendant

Manifesting Generator 3/5

Ritualist, Designer, Purification Guide

:: Aloha, Hetep, Shalom,

I & I serve as an embodiment of Peace, Love, and Wisdom.

Through studies of African and Egyptian Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Cosmology, Spirituality and Anthropology I & I serve as a cultural Bridge, and am currently developing a Temple of offerings named [Nectar of] Immortal Livity, to guide and live a life of teaching Breathing, Purification, and Livity for Humanity.

Also in the works is Anuenue (Rainbow) Sanctuary for houseless people of Maui to have a shelter where they can feel free and learn to be entirely self-sustainable, and/or have safe comfortable shelter while they heal.

I offer Light-Body Activation through Ancient Egyptian Lineage.

I am RYT 500 offering African and Egyptian Yoga with Traditional Indian influence.

I am a Nutritional Therapist and offer personal nutritional guidance for anyone looking to get back on or deepen their path of health and wellness. I have studied the arts of Ayurveda, Purification/Fasting, Raw Foods, Vegan Diet, Qi Gong, Metaphysics, Meditation, etc. and incorporate them all into our transformational sessions.

I am an aspiring Architect and a natural designer, keen for Feng Shui, Landscaping, Interior Design, and Visual Design. I am a channel artist through various mediums, and a scribe.

Last but assuredly equal in value, I am a songstress and dancer, bringing poetry through the constellations to heal the world and unify our Heartbeat.

I & I am here to share wisdom and ancient knowledge to bridge our Ancient Future.

May we merge in divine union and wealth (health)!

Ankh Udja Seneb

(Life, Vitality and Health)

Mahalo ke Akua,


contact: calmdxwn@gmail.com

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