Roland Wittel

Better known as “Rolo or Rolomni,” Roland is an individual devoted to achieving sustainable Global Solutions & implementing solutions for unifying people around the planet.

Rolo’s known life purpose has always been to be of service to the planet, the people. To that end, he has aligned with the platforms and organizations that have parallel purposes to these efforts such as ComCosm International Inc. & others aimed at global security.

Rolo is a musician, artist and sound healing facilitator. He currently facilitates mindfulness retreats which include sound healing, musical mediation for partnerships and other mindful musical practices.

He has volunteered, co-organized and performed at various festivals such as The Joshua Tree Music festival, Universal Flow Gathering, Lightning In A Bottle, Beloved, Mystic Rising and Coachella. Rolo is presently engaged in studio work on his forthcoming album SPECTRUM.

Rolo’s main focuses are The PLU ( Peace love unity) organization,  “The Structured Water Project” aimed at protecting, cleansing and providing real living structured water and his new album SPECTRUM ( being released “10/10/2020”) & facilitating the deliverance of Peace Love & Unity to the planet and people through these avenues.

Rolo spends his free time developing an App that incorporates everything stated above on a platform that is accessible to anyone & everyone to come into alignment with these projects, organizations and movements unifying the globe and the people of our precious planet.

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