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Peace-Love-Unity.Org is a virtual and mobile ministry with many resources, offering people the freedom to choose a more harmonious and empowered way of life, through greater knowledge of self and the ability to love at a greater capacity; Assuring the youth of tomorrow can live a life of acceptance, joy and in harmony with the planet.

The Peace Love Unity Team mission is to highlight positive solutions utilizing art in various forms such as poetry, music, stickers, clothing and murals, to empower and unite all people.

Reminding us of the importance to remain at peace within. Reminding us that the source of love is within.

Reminding us we are all one and interconnected with all life.

Creating a foundation to dissolve all illusions of a division. Uniting all citizens, so we as a whole come naturally together to make powerfully informed decisions.

         The larger vision is to end all racism, war, prejudice, separation and disconnection from nature. Communities of Awakened masses, in a state of Self Realization, living in unity and choosing to love all life beyond condition. All musicians, artist, actors, athletes, spiritual leaders, ministers and people of influence choosing to unify for a cause, Love.

The Beloved Billion Movement

The Beloved Billion Movement is the main focus within the Peace Love Unity Ministry. Inviting one to declare to themselves to love thyself and all life beyond condition. The goal of 1 billion people choosing love beyond condition to then spread to all of humanity by 12/31/20. We are inviting the people to develop conscious communication, which is a language of love, compassion, kindness and empathy. The results of this have the ability to restore humanity, society, culture and overcome the mainstream media’s attempt to utilize their platform to divide the people. A society choosing to love all life beyond condition assures the next 7 generations live a life without hate, discrimination, division, separation, or fear of one another. This beloved billion movement will lead to creating a foundation for everyone to live on earth, unified in harmony, regardless of one’s race, class, gender, religion, culture or sexual orientation.

“ When we see the Beloved in each person, it’s like walking through a garden, watching flowers bloom all around us.”  Ram Dass


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