Travis Huntley

Travis (Natural) Huntley is an Emissary of Love. Shortly after awakening in 2006, Natural chose to leave Clarion University for a path he felt could impact more people. He began a path dedicated to self empowering and educating himself that continues to this day. Throughout his studies, Natural realized it would be best for his inner development to live a plant-based lifestyle. He began to focus on Peace Love Unity, a movement which he has now been nurturing for over ten years. Which is a global humanitarian solution based initiative to unify all of humanity with love beyond condition and knowledge of self awareness being the guiding force. Through Natural’s journey self expansion he came to the realization that he enjoys utilizing his gifts of intuitive guidance and healing to assist in the alignment of mind, body, soul, emotions and actions, and the activation of one’s highest potential. In 2012, this realization inspired him to give up his thriving barbecue business & travel, including to Jamaica & Peru. During his travels, he wrote. While in the Amazon rainforest he was guided to compile his poems and writings and had them published as a book entitled, I Remembered: I Am Eternally Divine. In addition, Natural has been practicing meditation and yoga for some time. He has completed many classes and retreats with the Shambhala lineage and has also studied with the Mogadao Institute and the Vipassana lineage as well.


Healthy Lifestyle Consulting
I offer support with creating an environment within the body for optimal health and harmonic elevation. If you are in pain due to Inflammation, in Dis-ease or  Living an unhealthy lifestyle “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” -Buddha

The Art of Being and Sacred Touch
I was an apprentice with a shamanic family and I obtained a very unique technique that reminds the body how it feels to simply BE. To fully relax and release muscle tension, stress and pain within the body. Resulting an energetic reboot of the entire ethereal body.

Befriend the Mind 
After years of meditating consistently I have discovered various techniques and tools that assist one to have a healthy relationship with the mind. If you are in stress, overthink, frequently anxious would like to begin to reprogram the subconscious mind. 

Spiritual Awakening Guidance 
The re-membering of oneself is said to be the tipping point for the expansion of our consciousness. If you would like intuitive guidance, support with personal development, self-esteem, confidence or prayer request. 

Emotional Support
One of my greatest superpowers is the art of listening within and to others. Having the freedom to emotionally express without the fear of being judged is liberating. I am honored to hold space for deep clearing, support with shadow work, self love and acceptance, healing of past trauma. 

Life Purpose
What would I do for free is what I asked myself. Buddha said “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” My work is to assist you along this Spiritual Journey of Self Remembrance.

Master of Ceremonies 
I asked myself how could every participant at transformational events and festivals be positively impacted. MC is the first guidance I hear so I now offer my services to hold sacred space for the tribe at these events. I also hold space for Sacred Union to transpire  (licensed in the state of Hawaii)


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