We Experience Love Connecting Our Manifested Energy Honoring Our Mother Earth
W.E.L.C.O.M.E. H.O.M.E.

Jonah Lion
Peace Love Unity

Welcome Home

The Peace Love Unity Foundation is an information platform with cumulative resources that offers the people freedom to choose a more harmonious and empowered way of life, with greater knowledge of self and the ability to love at a greater capacity. We strive to assure the youth of tomorrow will live a life of acceptance, joy and in harmony with the planet.

The mission is to introduce positive solutions to the people utilizing art in various forms such as poems, stickers, clothing and murals to empower and unite the people.

Reminding the importance to remain at peace within.
Reminding the source of love is within.
Reminding we are all one and interconnected with all life.

We no longer wish to depend on the state to make decisions for us. We are empowered: co-creating a foundation to dissolve all illusions of division. Work move forward to unite all citizens so we can come together and determine our future outside the polar political constructs that have limited us for too long.

We travel the country giving empowering pamphlets and speeches at venues such as high schools, universities, festivals. Inspiring the people to stand up and make a difference and most importantly: unconditionally love and respect one another regardless of race, religion, class or gender.

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